Compare annuity rates

Get Annuity compares annuity rates from all of the UK’s annuity providers and helps get you the best rate based on your personal circumstances.

What are the benefits of using the Get Annuity rate comparison service?

  • Free annuity rate comparison from whole of market
  • It’s a free no obligation service
  • We can boost your retirement income by more than 40%
  • We keep it hassle free by doing all the paperwork for you
  • We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest annuity news and use jargon free language to help explain what annuities are

Your retirement options

A lot of people approaching retirement do not realise that you have an open market option which you can use your accumulated pension fund to compare annuity rates from across the market.

Many retirees simply take out an annuity with their current pension provider, but this could be a big mistake and you could see your retirement income and standard of living suffer as a result.

You may also be eligible for an enhanced annuity rate if you suffer any one of a number of medical conditions that could boost your annuity rate further.

To find out the best annuity rate you can get, please use our annuity quote calculator.